Your Soul’s Invitation

Glenna found herself torn, a multitude of emotions zoomed through her body, like fast cars on a busy highway. She tried to process quickly, recognizing her fears and distrust. At the same time she was drawn to this man, he felt safe, good, kind and compassionate. 

Looking again at the clock, Doug knew he had to leave. It was very important to arrive early and be organized for the interview.

“I have to leave now for the interview. I am sorry if my invitation was too forward. How about this, I will come back to the library at 5:00pm, maybe earlier, depending on how long my second interview takes. If you would like to connect, I’ll see you here. Please know, its okay if you choose not to come. I understand, I am a stranger to you. Not sure if you have a phone, but, here is my number just in case,” he shared while writing his number down on a small piece of paper with his name.

Standing, he gently offered the paper, while closing the interaction with, “Thank you for coming over to say hello. It is wonderful to see you and Abby again.”

Glenna smiled, feeling a small happy flutter inside her heart. She did feel a pull to this man, however, she struggled to believe in her male choices. That’s what had her in this mess to begin with. Taking the paper from Doug, she quietly stated, “Good luck today with your interviews, it is very exciting! I really hope you get the job offer for the “wood whisperer” position. Thank you, for being understanding with my lack of response to your invitation. It is not personal, you seem like a very nice man.”

Shaking hands they said good bye.

Walking to his car, he replayed their conversation. A grin filled his face, it was hard to contain all the positive emotions that literally spun like a tornado in his body. Glenna had such poise and grace. When she spoke it was soft, articulate and very thoughtful. There was an elegance to her that intrigued him. He couldn’t believe how he had boasted about his interviews, sharing his passion, ugh.., his insides cringed feeling silly. Then he remembered the last line the magazine shared, the one he had been pondering when Glenna spoke to him.

“Isn’t it amazing how things unfold when you believe in yourself and choose to have faith in your heart desires and passions?”

Shaking his head to clear his mind, like a dog after a bath, he pulled into the job site where he was to meet with Thad of “Sawtooth Builders.”

Looking at his phone, 10:48am. Perfect! He liked to arrive 10-15 minutes early. Pulling the visor down he looked in the mirror, noticing for the first time in a months a merry sparkle in his eyes and a zany smile plaguing his face. “Oh well, just go with it Doug,” he laughed into the mirror at his reflection. He was not nervous about his interview, for he knew that he was over qualified for this position. The only nervousness he had was if his body was physically ready for the demands of such a position. Feeling his sore chest muscles from this morning’s workout, he smiled, “we got this Doug Zane,” he stated to his image. Placing the visor back up, he stepped from his car, hoping that his clothes would not give away his living situation, most of the wrinkles had come out when he hung them in the locker room while he worked out and showered. 

The job site was messy and looked disorganized, a sign that they were building too fast and did not pay attention to the details. He was very familiar with builders like this. Part of the reason for his accident had been due to this pattern of negligence and carelessness. 

Doug took a deep breath, shocked by his physical response to the job site. His stomach had knotted up and his jaw had tightened with clenching teeth. He encouraged himself to relax, to trust, reminding himself that it was just an interview, no matter how badly he needed a job, he didn’t have to say yes. 

“Hi, my name is Doug, I’m here to interview with Thad,” he stated to a man entering the home with a load of drywall. The man reminded Doug of his early years, probably just out of high school, trying to make money as fast as he could.

“He’s around back. Has an orange vest on,” replied the young man, who continued inside with his heavy load. 

“Thanks,” Doug called back as he headed to the rear of the house.

Talking internally to himself, for he was seriously struggling with the flood of emotions that welled up in response to being back in this environment. He knew that he needed to face it, to work through it, to grow confident again in his ability to do this work.

Thad stood out in his orange vest. He was a tall heavy set man, looked to be in his early forties, or so. “Shit,” yelled Doug’s voice in his head, “why did he have to look so much like his last boss.” As his heart beat increased, he could feel sweat forming in his armpits and on his brow. Grateful that Thad was talking to someone, he stopped a short distance from them and waited. It gave him time to pull himself together. “I think I can, I think I can,” he repeated over and over to himself. One of his favorite books as a child, “The Little Engine That Could,” always came to his rescue when he faced challenges. It was this soft mantra that kept him going. 

“Hi, you must be Doug,” Thad spoke firmly as he approached.

“Yes,” Doug replied extending his hand in greeting. 

“Let’s go inside the garage, I have a desk there and we can visit without having to yell,” invited Thad.

To be continued… 43

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