Your Soul’s Invitation

Say Yes to Yourself


Sitting in front of the computer, Doug waited for the machine to warm up and ask for his sign in. As one who worked with his hands, he had never invested in a laptop, his phone was enough. Since the accident he found himself wishing he had one, for then he could do all his job searching, etc.., at a coffee shop. 

He typed in, “Built Your Way,” and clicked on the website link for the company. He quickly learned that the accent he noticed was Australian, Russ Feldman was from Sydney, Australia. Russ’s bio shared that he moved to the United States to be with his wife and her family. Scrolling through the various pictures of completed projects, Doug found himself completely enthralled. 

“Wow, these homes are magnificent! The craftsmanship is incredible and so unique,” he quietly spoke in his mind. 

His heart and mind raced with hope, “please, please, please, let me get this job offer! This truly is my dream job, the one I’ve been hoping and waiting for,” his heart whispered. 

The company was established ten years ago. The customer reviews were top notch. Of course they would only post positive ones, but, the people wrote at great detail, which was a good sign. He was clear that he did not want to work for a snobby boss who was driven only by the money. “Been there, done that,” he quipped inside. He really wanted to work for someone who built and created for the love and passion of the experience. A person like himself who lived and breathed their creations. After years in the industry, he knew this was rare and unusual.

Looking at his phone for the time, he was grateful to see that he still had an hour and a half before he needed to leave for his first interview. He finished jotting down notes for his two interviews and then closed down the computer, so someone else could use it. The library was always busy, so it was important not to hog the usage. 

Finding a comfortable chair that was somewhat isolated, he pulled out the magazine. Opening it up, he was greeted by a blank glossy page.

“Good morning Doug, you feel very chipper and happy today,” appeared the first words.

“Yes, I am very excited and hopeful,” he joyously spoke loudly in his mind. Grateful that today he remembered to speak only inside his being.

“Please share, we would love to hear what you are feeling and why,” invited the page. 

“Well, you won’t believe this, but, the guy from the job my brother told me about, called this morning. I have an interview with him this afternoon. I’m not really interested in this morning’s job, if offered, however, it is awesome to have something just in case I don’t get my personal choice. The job with “Built Your Way” looks absolutely amazing. I can’t believe it. It truly looks like a position that I have dreamed of since I was a kid playing with wood in our family garage,” his excitement rushed out to the magazine like the racing rapids of a fast moving river. 

The magazine seemed to chuckle at his enthusiasm, while responding, “Isn’t it amazing how things unfold when you believe in yourself and choose to have faith in your heart’s desire and passions?”

He sat for a moment, contemplating what the words shared. Replaying yesterday he realized that he had shifted. Discovering the magazine made him realize that he was never alone and that life was trying to work out. Even last night as he fell asleep his thoughts had been rich with appreciation for what was and the journey along the way. 

“Great noticing,” commented the page as it felt and heard his thoughts.

Doug laughed out loud, blushing quickly in response to his outburst. He quickly pretended that there was something funny in the magazine, so the faces who had turned his way would go back to what they were doing.

“I forgot how you could read my every thought and feeling,” he embarrassedly exhaled.

“Oh yes, there are no secrets, your internal self knows all,” the words softly landed on the space.

“How are you today Doug,” a feminine voice asked.

Physically jumping, he looked up into the blue eyes and angelic face of Glenna. He had not noticed her approaching his chair, engrossed completely with the publication. 

“Oh, hi! Sorry, I didn’t see you, guess I was totally involved with my magazine article,” he stuttered as he quickly closed the page. “I am very well today, thank you for asking. How are you and Abby,” he asked as he smiled up at the bright happy little girl in her arms.

“We are doing good. Sorry to interrupt, just wanted to say hello,” she apologized with an awkward smile.

“Oh, I’m glad you came over, you are not interrupting at all. I was just killing time until I head out for an interview,” he replied glancing at the clock on the wall behind her.

“That’s exciting, what kind of job are you interviewing for,” she asked.

“The first interview today is for a drywall installer position, however, my second one is with a builder who is looking for a carpenter, “wood whisperer” as he calls it for his high end clients. The second job is the one I am most excited about,” he blurted out, barely taking a breath. “I’m sorry, that all came out fast and was probably too much information,” he blushed, surprised at how easily he shared with this stranger.

Glenna smiled, his excitement was contagious. “Don’t apologize, it’s awesome to hear such good news and to feel your passion,” she encouraged, as she jigged to keep Abby contented on her hip.

Doug felt the courage rising inside him, the magazine had reminded him how powerful it was to believe in yourself. “Why not,” he thought to himself, “I have nothing to lose.”

“I realize you don’t know me, but, would you and your daughter like to connect later today? I would really like to get to know you more and it would be nice to have a new friend,” exhaling in pure relief, it took all his courage to maintain eye contact with her. He watched as she processed, patiently waiting for her response, hoping he had not pushed his luck.

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