Your Soul’s Invitation

Doug placed the magazine in front of his brother, who glanced quickly at the cover and then looked up at his brother, “what article in particular did you find interesting,” he inquired.

The one that says, “Is Building Your Passion,” he replied trying to sound calm, despite his nervous uncertainty.

Andrew scrolled the titles listed on the cover to find the one his brother just referenced. Seeing the page number he flipped to the page. Skimming the first couple of paragraphs and taking in the pictures he looked up and smiled at Doug, “I can totally see why the article would appeal to you. You do love building, especially with wood. It’s nice to find articles like this that can keep our passions alive. Of course I’m not passionate about building like you are, however, I definitely appreciate quality workmanship,” he shared kindly. 

Doug tried not to jerk the magazine out of his brother’s hands. “Shit, maybe it only worked at the library, was he really crazy? Had he made the whole thing up in his mind?”

 “Thanks Andrew, I appreciate you taking the time to look at the article. You are right, we do have different passions which I think is a good thing. You’re amazing at selling and finding commercial properties, I sure couldn’t do what you do, too much schmoozing for me, along with way too much paperwork,” smiled Doug at his brother, all while trying to cover up his disappointment in the magazine. 

“Well, I better get back to work. Can’t work late tonight, Beth and I have dinner plans with some friends who also have a new baby. Wish me luck,” chuckled Andrew.

“Good luck, that sounds like it will be a nice evening. I bet it will be great for Beth to get out of the house and around other adults. Can’t believe Angela is already two months old. Time sure goes fast. Please don’t forget to give that builder my contact information. What’s his name,” Doug asked, masking his moment of jealousy that Andrew had a home to go to and fresh cooked food to eat. 

“Oh, I’m sorry, his name is Russ Feldmen. His company’s name is, “Built Your Way,” Andrew replied as he stood to leave.

“Thanks Andrew, it really means a lot to have shared this time and I truly appreciate you helping me to find a job. I’m excited about this possibility,” smiled Doug as he reached over to hug his brother. Andrew was a good four inches taller than Doug. Often people did not even recognize they were brothers. One of them had light coloring like their mother and the other, dark features like their dad. Being the stockier of the two, Doug sometimes felt like Andrew’s tall physique got him more attention. 

Following his big brother, they both walked out into the bright sunlight. Saying goodbye again they parted ways. Doug scurried quickly to a nearby park bench, pulled out the magazine and flipped it open to the page.

Are you happy?

Yes, we are still here.

Anything is possible and we are the true you, the inner self.

There is more to you than your physical body.

Are you happy?

It is nice to feel such raw truth. How do all of those feelings serve you?

The list of feelings you shared, do they make you feel better as you let them grow and expand or do they make you feel worse? Do they help you to create the change you want or cripple you in the process of trying to move forward?

We are here with you, we are communicating together, it is okay, you are not going crazy. Your raw truth is powerful. Look around, do you think anyone else in this room may feel some of the same things you feel?

Do you think anyone sets out to be homeless, to not have food, to not be warm, safe, and surrounded by others who care?

Everyone has their story, their journey, you have been so self absorbed that you have walled off the opportunity to see, learn and grow, this is not an end, it is the beginning of something different.

Have you made a list of the things you enjoy doing? Exploring the aspects of your previous job that you liked to do?

We’re still here.

“What,” he exclaimed quite loudly.

The person walking by jumped at the outburst, looking over at Doug she said,”are you talking to me?”

“Oh no, sorry. I just read something I couldn’t believe. Didn’t mean to comment out loud,” he embarrassedly covered up.

Smiling at him, she walked on.

“Welcome back,” presented the page. 

“Okay, what the hell. I hand you to my brother and you turn into some corny article about building. Why didn’t you type to him,” he screamed at the page in his head.

“We can only be seen by those who are open, ready to really feel, listen, and learn. Most people wander around living in tomorrow or yesterday. They are too caught up in their personal “To Do” list and next goal. Completely disengaged with the present moment, so they cannot see or feel the voice of their inner soul,” replied the magazine with authentic wisdom.

“So, you are telling me that my brother is not present,” he asked with agitation.

“Well, what do you think? Does he feel like he is happily living in the present moment, or strategizing about what comes next? Is he happy with what is, or busy trying make more things happen,” the words spewed onto the page.

Doug sat up and let his back rest on the bench. He closed the magazine so he could feel into the questions it queried. “Did his brother feel present? Was he open? Was he happy,” hmmm… he had never thought about these things before. “Andrew always seemed so put together. He had a plan, he set goals and went after them. He seems happy, I think,” his thoughts rolled around. He had to admit, “he didn’t really know if his brother was happy or not. They rarely talked about emotions, it seemed to be a taboo subject for his brother.”

Opening the magazine back up, he replied,”I guess you might be right. He is always very preoccupied, moving onto the next subject before finishing the one presently being discussed. I never noticed before. I have always felt like he was more together, organized and successful than I. My family has always labeled me as the dreamer. Even my younger sister has a plan,” he quietly confessed to the page.

“Look around Doug, how many people do you know that are really happy? Who do you know passionately lives in their moments? Can you think of someone who is going after their dreams with excitement and trust that it is all working out perfectly,” asked the stark black ink.

Jolted out of his deep conversation with the magazine, Doug quickly answered his ringing phone.

To be continued… 32

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