BEingness Musings

Does not your heart beckon with wild joy?

Can you not feel the call?

As your feet hit the floor for another day ~ a shield drops over your eyes.

Blinded now, your heart retreats into its cave of protective hiding.

Tucking into the crevices and dark recesses your dreams, passions, desires, hopes…

Like the forgotten toy of youth, your heart weeps for the forgotten dreams of your soul

The wild child you once were now lost upon the moors of humanities wasteland.

Can you not feel the flutter, the call, the song?

As long as air passes through your lungs, your heart shall await your return.

Love begins there

It is within thee – Not out there

Dancing with this love in your heart is its best friends, joy, peace, faith and grace

They instigate such folly, pouring wonderment into your cup of life,

hoping you will taste it and remember.

Oh the glimmer is there, the pulse quickens ~ when will you say yes?

When will you lift the covers to see?

When will you let the touch stir your wild desires?

When will you hear the passionate call of your soul?

When will you say yes to You?

Standing before your reflection in the quiet light – Can you see?

Do you look? A glance is all it takes to see the spark…

To be seen by your true self… to say Yes to the call, to run wild and free…

I hear it, Don’t you…?

Fawn Caveney 10-18-2020
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