BEingness Musings

From the tower of observation I watch you…

I listen to your conversation as it wafts into my open window.

Sitting perched upon my bed I curiously marvel

I wish I could say I was free of human judgment

Yet my mind quickly categorizes, compares, pigeon holes with my taught perspectives.

Why? Why do I do that? Why do we?

Limiting before we meet…

Writing a story I do not know…

Who am I, Who are you – Really…

Hiding behind my beautiful patterned window I watch

I hear, I stay removed.

What are we really here to share? Why as a species do we perpetuate our cycles of separation, ridicule, condemnation.

Beneath my skin, my blood pumps just as yours does.

In my chest the lungs expand and deflate same as you.

If you cut me, I bleed. I you hit me, I bruise.

If you hug me, I may feel good or bad depending on the story.

My body needs water and food just as you do.

I crave love, acceptance, safety, joy and peace ~

Same for you – Why then do I perch with a need to write the story?

A false sense of feeling safe ~ Here I am ~ There you are

Yes, from my tower I observe, I listen, I remember ~

As I see you ~ You see me

Fawn Caveney 10-11-2020
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