BEingness Musings

Oh How I Dream….

I sit in contented joy

smiling from my toes at the pure grace…

I revel in the pureness of this moment

breathing deeply into the flow of now…

I percolate in the infinite sensation of love

feeling it circulate throughout my body, mind, spirit…

I wish for you, I wish for all such exquisite rapture

for it releases you from FEAR




all that burdens you…

I dream of a world where ALL float in such divine grace

Reaching into that space within which interconnects

them to the pureness of spirit

Free of all ~






Every soul Imbued with the truth of boundless love

unlimited JOY

expansive ABUNDANCE

Inspired PASSION


Enraptured BEINGNESS

Open your heart, expand your mind, ignite your soul ~

it is all there and waiting for you…

Invite and awaken your natural state of bliss ❤️

Oh how I dream of ALL human souls

remembering…So it is

Fawn Caveney 9-19-2020
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