BEingness Musings

What is it in me that aches to feel the layers of silence?

To feel them penetrate my inner most being

Slicing through the chaos into the epicenter of truth

Sending a shock wave into the very essence of that which is….

I can feel it, it aches, it throbs, it pulls, it cries out in desperation.

Even my head throbs in a pulsation that pulls me into the space

Beyond the infernal buzz of cars, jolting vibrations of mans created machines of all sizes.

Phones, computers, TV, stores, pavement, buildings, it screams at high octave

Cluttering the senses, distracting the truth, silencing the inner sanctum of peace.

It has become “normal” the frenzy – the chainsaw of natures song

It cuts through the sound of water rippling over rocks

No longer does the bird call awaken the day, it is the irritating hummmm of powered machines

The Kingfisher’s call crescendoes just above the pitch of a motorcycle twang – inserting its thoughts with some hope.

I may sit by a pond with a river close by ~ yet to my ears all I can hear is the man made noise of machines –

it screams at me – carrying with it the energy of disconnect, detachment, lost searching and Mega DO!

I am grateful for my bubble ~ for I know I sit removed,

however, I ache to feel the layers of silence that makes the stars sparkle, the sun sing, the moon dance, the river flow and the tides turn.

Void of ALL machines ~ just for a little while please….

Fawn Caveney 9-13-20
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