BEingness Musings

An Invitation

I cannot push you into joy ~ I can only smile with playful invite

I cannot force you into peace ~ I can only be the stillness in the storm, where you can rest safely

I cannot imprison you into love ~ I can only love you always through the journey of life

I cannot make you see your glorious reflection ~ I can only allow you to see in my eyes the reflection of your magnificence

I cannot soothe or take your pain away ~ I can only listen and hold you as you let go, forgive and rise again

I cannot break you free of your own chosen suffering ~ I can only believe with my whole heart that you will choose yourself

I cannot change the way you see the world ~ I can only offer a different option, a new canvas, a blank page

I cannot persuade you to open your heart, dream and celebrate life ~ I can only share my vibrant dance in this world

I cannot influence you to let go, surrender, BE ~ I can only invite you into the infinite calm space that waits freely for all to choose

I cannot impose upon you the pure grace of BEing ~ I can only hold your hand and BE

My dear friend the invitation is there, it always lies upon the table of your heart and spirit. It is personalized for you ~ I pray you will join me at the party of BEing authentically YOU…

Fawn Caveney 9-8-2020
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