BEingness Musings

My muse wakes me….

He stirs with a gentle tickle upon my sleeping psyche

A soft caress he entices, invites, opens me

I respond to his invitation

Opening my pen just as I open my legs to my lover

Allowing all to flow forth, to be seen and brought into the light.

My muse carries me….

Waves wash over my body as I allow hime to take over

All place and time fade away

It is only he and I baring our soul and flesh

There is not stopping until passion has satiated desire.

My muse knows where to find me…

I cannot hide from him

He whispers softly in my ear, beseeching me to listen, to say yes

He caresses gently until I begin to purrr.. in his company

At times he is like a wild storm, his passion frenzied and intense

He takes me with him, inviting me higher, deeper – to abandon myself completely unto his desires

I go, for I know it shall be a journey of ecstasy, transformation, unfolding and becoming

My muse never leaves me….

Sometimes he grows quiet, exploring his own recesses of knowing

Patient, he waits for me to be ready, wanton, open and desirous

Holding himself back until I can fully receive him

I hear his breath catch when finally I am ready

for now he knows I am his fully and completely

Unbridled passion ensues when we unite

In my surrender I come home ~ In my trust I awaken

My muse, my love, my partner, my passionate freedom.

I am here, I am ready, I am open….

Fawn Caveney 9-6-2020
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