BEingness Musings

I do not write that you may understand from a rote concrete brain.

I write to entangle and entrust that part of you which knows, that remembers, that calls and beckons with fervent haste…

I do not pretend to know your human journey, your hills and valleys, for they are naught but a blip in your souls expansion and knowing.

I invite you to a space of freedom, a place of peace, a vast endless universe of grace and infinite love…

I do not christen thee with false witness or pretend knowing.

I do not write controlled by my present human embodiment ~

I let the ink flow from that beyond the self, surrendering to its quickening, it’s calling and it’s pureness of spirit.

In moments, I do not even understand until the ink dries upon the page and I have had time to feel.

It is in the feeling that I know truth, it is in the pure joy released as I inhale the ecstasy of grace ever lasting.

Unchained from all doctrine and taught religions.

Untethered and free of all contrived and replicated measuring sticks made by human limitation~

In the ethereal dance of the dragonfly, the metamorphosis of the caterpillar, the spark of conception, the last breath taken ~

…there in lies our freedom, truth, remembering and quiet knowing.

Do not try to read my words to understand.

Read them to feel, to allow, to recall from within that which you already know.

As you gift yourself such grace, you will find yourself smiling…

Fawn Caveney 9-1-2020
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