Misunderstood DayDream…

If you wish to embark on a personal DayDream adventure, here is a play sheet to use – Click Here

Life is an empty bubble that we fill in – do you CHOOSE what goes in your bubble, or do you let others choose for you..?

Changing our patterns, just like changing our thoughts, requires a little conscious awareness and nudging. Each time we notice and choose differently, we interrupt the pattern. Change does not require a life overhaul, although that can be fun, it just needs a little consistent desire and self love focus.

I am sure you have heard the major sayings –

  • Thoughts become things.
  • What you focus upon becomes more.
  • Stay positively focused.
  • Get focused and take action.
  • Take massive determined action towards what you want.

There are so many focus and action quotes. I do not begrudge or disagree with them, matter a fact, I often integrate them in my life. However, I do feel that they can sometimes generate a sense of pressure. That’s why I love DayDreams, for they are not pushy, they subtlety shifts things, moving a person quietly into open curiosity and imagination.

Daydreams like butterflies float with such ease through the atmosphere of our BEing…

I personally experience DayDreams as mini envisioning opportunities, for in a moment of challenge, discontent, frustration, hurt, etc.., I can quickly pull up a scene in my mind of something I love to do, such as pet a puppy, watch a sunset, dance, sing, share a meal with friends, write… As soon as I choose to FEEL this scene (Daydream) in my mind and heart, my body relaxes, I open up and become free to CHOOSE what I want to experience next.

This small little shift often invites me into my larger heart desires, the very FUN, exciting images of my bigger dreams. Before a full minute passes, I have moved from being frustrated to enjoying thoughts and feelings about what is possible.

Today is a blank canvas, what will you CHOOSE to place upon the stretched white space..?

DayDreams often get a bad rap! I love daydreaming, its like having candy in my pocket, a secret in my ear, an unwrapped gift in my heart, an invitation to play.

As always we are individually at CHOICE in ALL our moments. I don’t know about you, but, I sure have FUN CHOOSING to DayDream in those moments when frustration, stress, fear or discontent knock on my door.

Today I invite you to give it a try….

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