Daydreaming Joy…

Daydreaming is not about escape for me, it is about keeping the life dreams alive. I look back and smile at all the Daydreams that have come to life.

  • Becoming an exchange student in High School.
  • Spending my first year of college at Hollins College.
  • Moving out west.
  • Having a home in the mountains.
  • Working and living on a farm.
  • Living in one of the apartments in an old Historic Home.
  • Writing books.
  • Teaching/Coaching.
  • Sharing amazing trips with my kids.
  • Having a healthy body.
  • Playing and learning about herbs.
  • Learning about photography and old fashion dark room development.
  • Having my own business.
  • Visiting other places/countries.
  • Etc…..the list goes on and on

Daydreaming is sometimes about whimsical meanderings. However, those fun little thoughts are often connected to deeper desires, dreams that want to play. Dreams like humans come in all shapes and sizes, some are sweet little moments, others are large and take many years to blossom.

Have some fun today noticing what Daydreams will percolate if you let them. When you envision something that sounds fun to do and you roll it around your mind, feeling how it will be – that’s Daydreaming 😊

Daydream Play Sheet if you want it – Click Here

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