Why DayDream???

In a world that is swirling so fast and is presently caught in a time warp of uncertainty due to COVID and other forces, it can be challenging to remember that we decide how we want to feel. While so much seems out of our control, the emotions we choose, are not. As always, we can live in REACTION or CHOOSE how we wish to feel and BE.

I believe NOW is a very important time to invest in our ability to DayDream, a sweet spot to focus upon while the world buzzes in fearful reaction. I experience people edgy, distrusting, agitated and less patient, especially those glued to the news. The media seeps in under the skin spreading throughout the body with great zeal to take hold in stressful ways.

Joy is a pure by product of DayDreaming…

DayDreaming may be the stress release valve that can re-direct your thoughts and feelings into a space and energy that co-creates something positive. While dreams first live in our heart/mind/soul, they can gradually come to life when given focus, attention and inspired action.

I don’t know about you, but I find it way more FUN to place my attention upon what I wish for the world and myself, than spin out into fearful reaction in arenas I cannot personally change. If I feel good, then I get to spread joy, love, peace, hope and gratitude. It sure seems like the world could use a bit more of that right now.

Is it more enjoyable to hang around someone who is stuck in fearful reaction or someone who is joyfully believing in their dreams?

Besides having FUN and FEELING BETTER, DayDreams can ignite unexpected ripple effects.

If you missed the DayDream Play Sheet – Click Here

A room full of dreams is a beacon to all…
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