Daydreamers Week

Are you tired of the same ole daily grind and the feeling that comes with it?

Have you forgotten what it feels like to burst with joy from the inside out, to feel love pulse through your veins, to have passionate dreams stir your soul?

Do you remember how fun it was when you were a child to use your imagination to do, be or go anywhere you desired?

Would you like to awaken that part of you that is vibrantly alive, joyously in life and passionately excited to BE in this life experience?

If you found yourself saying yes to any or all of the above questions, then let’s play!

To dream is to live, to live is to dream….

This week let’s remember how to imagine and open up to the fun world of daydreams.

In my life experience, the most common desire of everyone I meet is to FEEL happy, to FEEL love, to FEEL acceptance, to FEEL peace… Everyone is living life with the hope to FEEL the sensations and emotions that make them FEEL good.

If this is what drives us as humans, then why do we not give ourselves time to do exactly that. When you were really young did you want to keep thinking about what made you mad or happy? Is that different for you now as “grown up”? Why?

Dreams come true when we BElieve…. without question.

I am so grateful that Walt Disney did not give up on Daydreams, he believed in his ability to see what could be. It is wonderful to turn on a light switch and have instant light, thank you Thomas Edison and the other inventors who believed in something they could not yet see. Instead, they had a dream, a vision, a belief. As you are well aware, our world is what it is because people dreamed and believed. I wonder, what would our lives be like right now without the Daydreamers, those who took a vision and co-created it into a reality.

Personally I love Daydreaming, it fuels my passions, ignites new ideas and surprises me with inspired action. If you would like to read more about my thoughts on Daydreaming, click HERE.

If you are ready to play, join us this week as we explore the delightful joy of Daydreaming….

Click Here for the downloadable Daydream activity printable. Watch my videos on Instagram/Facebook

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