Expanded BEingness..

It is with great excitement and nervousness that I inform you about changes to this site! I have been working for awhile on a fictional book that I now begin to share with you. It has been so fun to allow myself to meet and play with characters upon the page, for they do become a part of your family and inner most knowing. I hope that you will join me and other readers as we explore how a magazine can change lives – The BEingness Project – A Fictional Invitation. The story will unfold with a new entry every Monday, Wednesday and Friday for now. It will have a new page all to itself, however, please feel free to read as you wish. I have offered it this way because I find people do not read as much any more, so the story is revealed in bite size pieces.

Powerful transformations and discoveries can be made through the experience of a story…

The second new offering on this site is a Musings page, where I vulnerably share with my readers the raw, unedited, authentic flow that swirls through me and unto the page. You may choose to read the original text in image form, where my fountain pen bled upon the page. Or if my cursive handwriting is too difficult to decipher read the typed text below the image. Like the fiction story a new entry shall arrive three days of the week, for this one it shall be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

I breathe, dream, and live with words swirling around my very BEing, here upon this page I set them free…

Please understand that I intentionally leave the Musings raw and unedited. I also ask for your kind understanding and forgiveness with my Fictional Work, for I allow the story to unfold, editing only a few times before it arrives here. I am a creative soul, not a type A editor, so there will be things I do not catch before it goes to “publishing”, my apologies.

Lastly, if you have not read any of my Vlogs/blogs they offer the more concrete sharing for learning how to journey home to your true state of BEing. Some of the entries have downloadable worksheets, videos, etc… Right now there are not as many entries in the BEingness blog space, for I work full time outside of my writing life, while I expand what I share here and on my other blog site – Walking Naked Truth.

I thank you so much for joining me, my gratitude bubbles over to share time with you here. I welcome your comments, feedback, thoughts, etc… My writing is not for everyone, I know that it shall resonate with those who I am meant to connect with, which fills me with great joy.

During these strange and unusual times, I find myself wishing even more sincerely for all people to find the peace, love, and happiness that resides within their state of BEing…

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