A Time to BE…

As the world responds to this global pandemic, I find myself wishing for all humans to experience the richness of inner peace, joy and love. If I could wave a magic wand, it would not be focused first on curing the COVID-19 virus, it would be to awaken every soul to the rich peace, love and joy that resides within their BEing.

If the virus disappeared tomorrow and everyone returned to their “normal” routine, would you learn from this life experience? Would you continue to reach out to the people you love? Would you make time for the things you truly enjoy? Would you be happy? Content? Vibrantly alive?


Would you return to behaviors you know do not serve? Would you once again get on the treadmill of “success” that is not of your personal choosing? Would you put your dreams back up on the shelf to gather dust? Would you pretend this never happened? Would you forget that we are interconnected globally?

We may feel alone, however, we are all together in this worldly tapestry…

Please do not misunderstand me, my heart breaks, for the souls lost, the health care workers that risk their lives, the job loss, the financial impacts (truly understand this intimately – see post), the fear, worry, unknowns, etc…

We stand at an unprecedented time in human history. Thus we are at choice to learn and grow. I started this blog with a very clear and specific desire – I dream for all who seek to come home to the infinite peace, love and joy that resides within.

What we seek resides within…

I have walked the interpersonal development path for over 35+ years, only to come to the clear knowing and absolute truth that we are ALREADY Enough, Worthy and Perfect. No one needs fixing. You do not need a 12 step program, a 21 day detox, 7 daily habits…. Every spiritual teacher/master has spoken about the inner wealth of peace, joy and love. It is there, underneath all the “domesticated and taught” ways to live.

Living from that deep rich space of personal BEingness you will wisely make choices that serve YOU and yours. You will choose your path, your steps… You will honor, respect and care for Yourself and others. When you live from the internal infinite grace of BEingness, you CHOOSE your life, versus living in a state of REACTION. When you live from the state of BEing which accepts, loves and honors the self, you will choose to let go of behaviors that do not serve, you will make choices that connect you to what you enjoy doing, you will set boundaries around unhealthy relationships, you will start to live a vibrant, dynamic, passionate life.

It begins within…

The universe has thrown us a curve ball. We are at choice to live in reactionary fear and worry or breathe deeply into the space within, which will guide our unique life rudder. This unexpected world event can help us to learn, grow and become more. How do you want to feel and BE during this time? I invite you to breathe deeply into the magnificent being you are. Breathe into the calming peace that awaits you, then decide what you want to do…

Here are a couple of worksheets if you wish to dive deeper to explore YOUR State of BEing –

Reaction versus Choice

Domestication versus Authentically BEing YOU

A meditation gift – Dawn with Fawn

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