Thinking of you…

While we sit in our separate spaces around the globe, I find myself actually feeling more connected than ever. It is a strange paradoxical sensation, for nothing has changed about the distance between us or the uniqueness of the diverse lives we live. What has changed is a new level of human compassion, a reminder of our common frailty in the wake of a fast moving virus.

A small bubble in the infinite universe…

I find myself wondering how you are? What is it like in your life? How are you and those you care about being impacted? Are the isolated villages safer or more tragically impacted? How are those in high rises in densely populated cities? My curiosities and thoughts go on and on…

Then comes the daily BIG question, how can I help? What can I do to ease the struggle? Is there a way I can be of service to more people? What is the common thread that unites us across all time and place? I keep coming to the same conclusion – Stories.

When I think about the human civilization across its entire existence, there have always been the storytellers. The ones who keep the interconnection alive, who weave the tapestry between generations. The human who draws pictures on cave walls, puts ink to parchment, words to computer screen…

Every single soul has a unique story or as I shared today on my other blog, everyone is a rare seed. We are here to grow and share individually within an interwoven world. The present pandemic touches us all, no one is being left out. As I think of you, I am curious, what is your story?

As we lose precious people, we lose their stories. Gone forever, because no one has ever walked in their exclusive shoes.

I personally want to hear your story. I want to learn about your journey. Life is full of snap shot memories, great little vignettes that share joy, love, sorrow, humor, loss… Our human hearts, souls and minds are guided by the stories that leave a trail and beckon us to what comes next.

If you have a story to share, please share in the comments below or feel free to send it to me and I shall share it anonymously or with your name (you choose). If you wish to email, then I shall cut and paste or if you request I will read through and adjust with light editing. Share stories from your memories, dreams of tomorrow, tidbits from today, a surprise, etc…

Email –

Here is a story I shared yesterday that brought joy to my heart as I remembered. I look forward to reading and sharing more stories, I personally have never grown out of the pure delight in listening to a good story.

I am thinking of you…. May this find you and yours well.

In Gratitude, Fawn

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