A Good Day to BE…

I wake to the sun dancing across my room, with a kiss of cool air caressing my skin.

A daily gift that is often lost in the daily blur….

I chuckle at the morning stretch by my four legged furry friend, the playful twinkle in her eye beckons forth today’s adventure.

Each day is a delightful adventure – always new and exciting…

I sit in transfixed wonder, as the light plays tag on the small ripples of the pond’s surface. A dragonfly darts in wild enthusiasm as a gaggle of geese carry the suns rays in their beating wings.

Ever dancing on and on and on…

I feel the invitation to BE, to Breathe, to Listen, to Observe and Participate in each Now Moment…

I accept this invitation with quiet delight and anticipation. Letting go of all that “needs” attention, releasing all control, to surrender into the pure grace.

The pure essence of Being enlightens all moments…

I joyfully meandered through the day, barely noticing the passing of time, tick, tock. Frozen moments juxtaposed themselves between the breaths – the squawk of a blue heron taking flight from the waters edge, the buzz of a passing bee, the siren of a far off ambulance, the small chirp from a bird perched on the porch swing, the soft dance of a flower in the breeze…

To miss such perfected beauty, is to miss the truth hidden within all moments…

As the day started to wane I enjoyed the flow of my body in rhythm with the ground below. Giggling at the rivers play on its rock bed path and the joyful wiggle of my furry friend who led the way. I admired in complete reverie the sun’s goodbye kiss…

Brimming with gratitude, love, joy, peace and exquisite contentment, I said goodbye to the day – welcoming in the stars and moon. What a marvelous day to BE….

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