Touching YOU…

A title that shall likely stir some mixed emotions, however, touch is one of the five incredible senses that we as humans get to experience. We do not seem to hesitate to cuddle our pets, yet, I experience many people are uncomfortable with touch.

Touch awakens and enlivens the largest organ of our body…

When we are born we need touch to survive. Then as we grow up, the world around us teaches us many diverse things about touch. There are many societal, cultural, religious and familial expectations and teachings. I personally feel we are missing out on one of the most healing, loving, caring ways to share and express as humans.

Check out some of these articles about touch –

In the best seller “The Five Love Languages” author Gary Chapman shares that “Touch” is one of the five love languages. When I took the test to see which one was my top “love language” I discovered – drum role please…, mine is TOUCH! Yep, no surprise to me. I do love to share and receive touch, for me it is a way to say I truly care, I see you, I appreciate you and I am so grateful to share time…. I hope you will take a peek at how touch exists in your life.

Touch is one of the glorious ways we get to express, share and connect. If you and I meet someday, I hope we can share a hug.

Today’s Affirmation:

I am a being of love, sharing and receiving touch heals and opens my life.

Today’s Meditation:

Join me for a guided meditation.

Today’s Beingness Opportunity:

  • Notice today how touch can shift a moment.
    • Touch a colleague’s arm.
    • Hug your partner with full presence.
    • If you’re a parent touch your child, just to say I care.
    • Shake someone’s hand while making sincere eye contact.
    • Be open to receive touch.
  • There is a plethora of ways to integrate and share touch, explore and have FUN!
  • Do this for a few days to truly see how it can enhance and change your life experience.

If you would enjoy exploring this topic more, go to – Walking Naked Truth.

May today be rich in deeper, more sincere connections, opening you more fully to your true BEingness – Fawn

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