BEing Seen – Seeing YOU!

Whether you want to admit it or not, BEing truly SEEN by others is one of the heart’s desires! I ask you though, how can others SEE YOU, if you will not first SEE YOU? BEing Seen requires us to first love ourselves, by doing so, we will then share our magnanimous self with the world.

When you were a child YOU loved sharing with the world. YOU laughed loudly and openly. YOU danced not caring who witnessed the performance. YOU sang with pure joy. YOU curiously asked questions, shared ideas, explored new things, and spontaneously hugged others. YOU were not afraid to BE YOU and YOU were not embarrassed or ashamed to share with the world.

What happened?

When did you stop living life from this glorious place of loving wonder?

Why did you stop laughing, singing, playing, BEing joyfully YOU?

When did you decide to accept that YOU were not “good enough”?

Let me tell you a little secret – There is only ONE YOU! YOU are exclusive, unique, exemplary, rare!!

What if today is the day you start the journey back home to the childlike adoration of YOU. As you remember, celebrate and awaken your self-love – the world will ache to SEE YOU. You know this truth, for you love to be around people who are authentic, vibrant, joyful, present, real and dynamically living life – these people like themselves, they love who they are.

The world awaits to celebrate YOU!

May today be the beginning of the most important love affair of your life – YOU loving YOU.

Today’s Affirmation: (fill in the blanks)

I am _____________ (loving, beautiful, handsome, caring, wise, etc…), each day I share with the world ________________. I love how I _______________.

Today’s Meditation:

Join me for a guided mediation.

Today’s BEingness Opportunity: (Practice this until you come back home to SEEING YOU)

  • Every time you look in a mirror you will love and honor the amazing person YOU SEE.
  • Close your eyes and remember how you enjoyed and loved yourself as a child. Hold that feeling. Explore it. Invite it to come back day by day.
  • Every night before you go to bed, look in the mirror with genuine appreciation, love, respect and gratitude – sharing 3 or more ways you amazingly showed up that day. This may sound silly, however when practiced everyday, you will be surprised at how you start to shift.

If you would like to enjoy more about this, go to – Walking Naked Truth

May your day be full of self-love, honoring and BEing YOU… In Joyful Gratitude, Fawn

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