BEingness Accepts Impermanence…

Recently my son brought up a conversation about “Why do people seek meaning in life?” As he and I discussed it, I pulled in my sister and a couple of other friends to share their thoughts. While our chosen words were different the answers were the same – Love and Death. To experience love and avoid death…

Knowing, honoring and accepting that life is Impermanent both frees and binds us. For some it generates a deep knowing that all moments have a precious aspect, thus they live life as fully as possible. For others fear of love and death keep them perpetually stuck on their hamster wheel of controlled mediocrity. For the majority I feel it is a dance between the two.

Impermanence is a given. With it comes continual change in all things. No two moments are exactly the same. In this truth we are at choice to welcome the change without a fight or cling to what we know in hopes that we can ward off the end, the change, death…

To truly BE, we get to accept with every fiber of our essence that all flows with impermanence. This acceptance generates a natural expansion in love. The freedom of letting go, of allowing life to become as we step forth releasing fear, stress and worry.

What if today you allowed yourself to accept and feel the truth that everything is impermanent? In so doing, what would you feel? Could you give yourself the gift to breathe deeply in each Now moment with love? The grace of such acceptance means that each moment, each day, each experience is a fresh opportunity – a chance to choose how you want to feel, what you want to share and with whom.

Today’s Affirmation:

I am a BEing in flow with life, choosing how I want to feel and BE in each moment.

Today’s Meditation:

Join me for a guided meditation

Today’s BEingness Opportunity:

  • Today notice what you take for granted, expecting them or it to always be there.
  • As you do so, feel into the truth that they or it are not permanent.
  • In accepting and knowing this, what will you choose to feel, do, share, BE?

If you would like to explore more deeply, go to – Walking Naked Truth

May today offer expansion into your personal BEingness, Fawn

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