You are the Artist…

The canvas of your life is yours to create. To fill in with color or leave in dry tones of muted white and black. Each day as a new canvas appears how will you express and share upon the empty space? As you flip back through the canvases of your life do you notice a common denominator in ALL of them? Ahhh.., yes, it is YOU, the Artist.

Whether you paint yourself in the scene, or leave yourself off the canvas, it is YOU holding the paint brush. It is YOU selecting the colors, design, setting, mood, and all that gets expressed.

We like to point our fingers with blame at those we think put fresh ink upon our canvas, however we allowed that to be. We also cover and hide our canvases, stepping back with shame. Denying our truth, hiding our fears, pretending we do not choose. Often we place the paint upon our face as a mask. Pretending to BE what is expected by others, faking our happiness, and playing along.

YOU are the Artist. YOU hold the paint brush. YOU decide the scene. YOU invite the participants. Is it surrealism, realism, abstract, impressionism, renaissance, figurativism, modernism, cubism, or???

What if today you woke to see the canvas as an opportunity, as a gift, as a glorious fresh start? How exciting! A blank free space to express, share, create, explore and enrich with vibrant hues.

Yesterday’s canvas is complete. You do not need it to imprint today’s. Tomorrow’s canvas is yet to arrive, so do not let it intervene in today’s magnanomous expression of BEing.

YOU are the Artist! How do you wish to illuminate your life canvas today? Shall you allow your true essence of BEingness to boldly express? Or will you allow others to fill in the lines and colors? Shall you breathe deeply letting go of all fear to BE your truth? Or will you instead wear the mask that others have painted for you?

YOU are the Artist! When others tour YOUR art gallery, what shall they experience?

Today’s Affirmation:

“I am the Artist of MY LIFE. I am BEing…” (love, joy, truth, open, etc…)

Today’s Meditation:

Join me for a guided meditation

Today’s BEingness Opportunity:

As you journey throughout your day, view everything and everyone as though it is its own canvas expressing itself, separate from you. Notice how you feel as you do this.

This practice can at first feel a bit disconcerting, for you are becoming aware that life is not happening to you. You have Choice as to what you let in, to what you put on your canvas or elect to leave off. This practice will help you to start BEing in your life, to Stop Reacting and start selecting your scenes and interactions.

I encourage you to have a BEingness Journal for your journey home unto yourself. When you write things down with your hand you instill within you an awareness and remembering.

Happy Beingness – Fawn Caveney

If you want another perspective of this sharing, check out – The Walking Naked Truth site to expand further.

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