You’re Invited to BE…

The road to raw genuine BEingness is birthed from within…

I am so excited to share the new layout for The Beingness Project and Walking Naked Truth!

In my quest to always offer more, keep it sweetly simple (KISS) and stay true to BEingness, I continue to be open to learn, grow and become with you. The other day after a powerful meditation an image sprung forth with new clarity for this Vlog and my “Walking Naked Truth” blog.

Starting Monday, July 22nd, 2019 I shall offer BEingness Opportunities-

  • BEingness Expressions – a brief glimpse into living from your BEingness
  • BEingness Meditation – a guided meditation to immerse into BEing
  • BEingness Affirmation – an affirmation to honor, respect and care for Self
  • BEingness Practice – a simple action to invite your BEingness to expand

For Walking Naked Truth the posts shall focus on BEing in our raw vulnerable Truth. The meditations shall be the same for both, this may change in the future.

BEing still within, stirs the resonance of our personal truth…

The constant passion in my life is to help all who seek to come home to the joyful, present, content, exuberant, peaceful and free experience of living a life of BEing. It enhances and imbues all moments with a grace beyond words and fills the heart, soul and mind with oozing gratitude.

I am so grateful you have chosen to travel along with me – In Humble Gratitude, Fawn

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