BEingness in Daily Life…

It’s Monday morning in my part of the world. I joyfully sit in overflowing gratitude as I observe the quiet pond, listen to the birds singing in the day and watch the occasional runner/walker on the nature trail. A few minutes ago, I heard the echoing sound of cracking, the vibrating resonance of a tree falling to the ground. It broke into the calmness with a reverberating crash. A few minutes later a solo man and his dog hiked past the remains. I wondered, did he hear the falling tree? How could he not? Yet, what I hear and witness in my moment to moment life is uniquely my experience, interpreted through my lens .

Who bears witness to the falling tree? Who notices the passing ripple of water, the airplane in the sky, the squirrel, the…? So much unfolds in a single moment, bombarding the senses with opportunities to notice…

This is true for everyone. You could ask ten different people about a concert and receive ten different answers. Each response coming from a personal perspective. This truth is often forgotten in our daily communication. We assume that someone sees or feels what we do – wrong. It is not possible. We all bring to an experience our own historical perspective and impact it with our present emotional interpretation.

Let’s look at simple daily things –

  • How your partner/spouse/family say good morning to you, greet you when you get home, communicate with you throughout the day. How often do you think you know what they are feeling or thinking? Can you really know without asking?
  • Do you think you know what colleagues feel about work, meetings, projects, bosses, etc… If they react differently is that wrong? Do you have any idea why they might feel what they do? Can you even begin to understand what is going on in their world?
  • Is your commute to work the same experience for anyone else? Maybe you work at home. Perhaps you catch a train, bus, metro. Or were you stuck in traffic behind an accident, or… How does this impact the day?

Becoming aware that others are living each moment from their own life experience and historical perspective allows you to let go, to become less Reactionary and more present.

In choosing to BE, you release all assumptions, ask questions and understand that everyone is having their own personal journey. If you notice yourself reacting, it is a good time to take a long slow breath. Identify what is going on for you and ask for clarification. Or let it go. As you choose to come from that calm space of BEingness you will open up the experience, giving it room to BE without reaction or judgment.

The calm space of Beingness is always present – a mere breath away…

Today just notice how often you ASSUME you know what someone is thinking, feeling or doing. Don’t negatively judge yourself, just chuckle at how easily this habit plays out.

If you want to take it further, Breathe yourself into a quiet BEingness space and then view the situation. This simple practice can shift your whole day.

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