Freeze Frame Life…

Have you ever wished you could just freeze a moment? Stop time? Make all the buzz around you quiet, just for a little bit? Free your mind of the constant chatter, self-criticism?

You can do this. It is possible to do it over and over and over again throughout your day. Within you is a capacity to “freeze frame” life, to suspend it long enough to calm yourself into a peaceful space. From that centered space you shift and then Choose how you want to BE in the next moment.

For those of you from my time period, I often chuckle when I think of the line “Freeze Frame” for it jets me back to dancing in the land of Oz with my Australian friends who made 1982 an unforgettable year. The J. Geils band released “Freeze Frame” in 1981, it rocked my dancing feet throughout 1982 – may you enjoy this flashback. It still makes me want to get up and dance!

Memories are another way life gloriously “Freeze Frames” for us! Enjoy!!

Okay, back to the subject at hand – “Freeze Framing” your life. It is so simple and easy, no equipment necessary, no pre-requisites, no previous experience required. I say all of that with tongue in cheek, sarcasm with a smile. I circle back to The Beingness Project theme line – “Stop Fixing – Start BEing“, it’s that simple.

To “Freeze Frame” your life, requires you to breathe, I know I can count on you to do that. As you take in one long slow sweet inhale “freeze” the moment, hold your breath at the top of the inhale.

If you are feeling anxious, repeat as often as needed to get to that slow inhale. To get there from a place of anxiety, you are going to have to visualize, put in your minds eye a favorite Calm, Safe experience that you remember. You can do it!

Your mind, heart and spirit hold images that can calm any moment…
  • Once you have that full slow inhale, hold it.
  • Then as you slowly exhale, look around you as though you are looking through someone else’s eyes.
  • Just observe. Allow yourself to feel your heart beat as you continue to slowly inhale and exhale.
  • BE at the center of YOU. It is as though you are a fish in a serene fishbowl, looking out at the world around you.
  • Then feel into you. By now you will feel your insides slowing, calming to a peaceful space.
  • Once you are here, choose how you want to feel, what you want to interact with and what you will let go of.
  • This may feel like a long process, it is not, it only takes a few seconds once you get the hang of it.
  • I will warn you though, you may find yourself enjoying it so much that you will want to stay there. The sensation is somewhat like the good ole days of daydreaming when you were a kid. However, “Freeze Framing” your life does require you to stay within the space, to see what is around you and to decide what is important or not.
  • You Choose how you want to BE and experience the next moments.

“Freeze Framing” your life is a tool that can be used at any time and anywhere. It is a powerful way to regulate how you want to BE and experience YOUR life. It takes you out of a Reactionary Existence and moves you into a Life of Choice.

It has been so fun to explore and share ways of BEING like “Freeze Frame” with you for the last two months. We have covered a lot with regard to BEING YOU and living a life of CHOICE. Below is a video recap of all that we have covered up to now.

BEing, asks us to peel back the layers of self-deceit, to re-discover the diamond we are inside.

If you really want to open up and free the space inside of you, grace yourself with the gift of meditation. It will build the muscle of BEing. Reconnecting you to the quiet, self-accepting, joyful, free space inside of you. Below is an example of my guided meditations, also found on my Youtube channel.

You don’t have time to meditate, but you do have time to stress? Be anxious? Worry? I prefer to meditate… Your choice!

To conclude for today I have compiled together all of the “BEingness Opportunities (worksheets)” available from the first two months of The Beingness Project – Download by clicking on the link below.

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