My Apology…

I love how life gives us opportunities to BE humble. To Surrender with faith, and step with trust. I had everything all set to release today’s Vlog when technical issues let me know it was not going to happen. After spending time trying to resolve the issue, I was finally successful, I think. However, not in the time frame that lets me to post today.

Letting go to let flow, allowing that which is, to BE… An experience the human brain struggles with.

Ugh.., a perfect chance to practice all I preach –

  • Notice how I am feeling.
  • Keenly aware of all the voices in my head chanting judgments.
  • Embrace the frustration and disappointment in my emotional piggy bank.
  • Exhale with a smile, Surrendering with love for myself and what is…
  • Breathe in deeply knowing that Everything is working out Perfectly.

As I let go and trust this morning, I can feel myself relax back. I forgive myself as I celebrate my efforts. At times like these, I feel a part of me is curiously waiting, for I have experienced that there is always a reason such challenges occur.

Is there anything more important than Being completely present with the Self? For only then can we be present with others…

I sincerely apologize for this issue. I thank you for your understanding, patience, and continued support. Tomorrow you shall be greeted with The Beingness Project Week 8 Vlog.

I truly chuckle at how today’s experience is gifting me with the opportunity to practice – “walking my talk”, to Surrender with complete joy and love.

The joy of life is its unpredictable unfolding, to control it, would be to miss the humor of the muse…

Enjoy BEING YOU today! Celebrating that you are already Enough, Worthy and Perfect!

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