Relaxing into Surrender…

I always get a grand chuckle out of how life flows when we Surrender. Choosing to let each moment unfold with trust, love, joy and grace.

To enjoy the bliss of life, we must stop the inner and outer chatter, so we can connect to that which is….

This week I have practiced with even more intention the awareness around Surrender versus Controlling or Reacting. It has deliciously opened up a flow of inner contentment, acceptance and patience.

Asking myself often throughout the day:

  • Am I coming from a place of love and joy?
  • Am I choosing what I want to feel, or am I reacting?
  • Am I doing something because I think I should, or choosing to do from a place of joy?
  • At work there are things I get to do based on job expectations, am I engaging with these in a state of happiness, compassion and presence?
  • Or, am I spinning into a negative Reactionary space?
The flow of life is guided by our Choices…

I would love to say that I have not wasted time in a Reactionary space – ha.., that would be a flat out lie. When we are in environments with others, we often find ourselves impacted by their energy and behaviors. We can choose to let their energy, positive or negative invade our Beingness, or we can let it flow through us, leaving us un-triggered. This can be very challenging, yet I find with practice it gets easier.

Surrender is the gift we give ourselves. It allows us to relax, lean away from that which does not serve us, and to open up the space for more. It is an internal choosing, a freeing from that which can control and bombard us.

Tranquility resides within the suspended space of Being content with that which is…

How do we Surrender? Well, it is a very subtle choice, one that lies deeply within our heart and soul. The mind is truly only involved in helping us to notice when we are reacting (see Vlog “Reactionary versus Choice” Living). Once the mind has Noticed, we can Breathe deeply into our Beingness to then Choose how we WANT to feel. As we choose, we release the Reaction, to then Surrender into the grace of our Choice – it is a most beautiful dance.

In short Recap: (See NBC practice)

  1. The mind Notices
  2. We take in a long deep breath
  3. Stop and hold the breath (it will help to close your eyes to truly feel)
  4. Choose from within what you Want to feel
  5. Exhale Surrendering into your chosen feeling
  6. Repeat as often as necessary until you truly Surrender into the space of your choice
Surrendering unleashes your inner essence to become…

Surrender is a life changing gift that can shift your life from Being a victim, suffering in chosen Reactionary mode to one who Chooses how they want to feel and BE in all moments. If the word Surrender is uncomfortable for you, perhaps the word Being, or Grace, or Freedom, or…will work better for you?

This week I was guided to Michael A. Singer’s book “The Surrender Experiment”, thus far it is an amazing read, one I extremely relate to and recommend. I know that his bestseller “Untethered Soul” has touched many – it is still on my reading list. Thus far the book is a great resource to explore more deeply the subject of Surrender.

I hope you will join me to journey into the enlightening grace of Surrender, for I know it will open up a grand adventure for you.

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