Why Surrender???

If we view the concrete definition of Surrender as described by our human written dictionary, our inclination to enjoy its offering would be naught. However, if we change the lens through which we view Surrender and open our hearts, soul and mind we can awaken a new flow with grace. Embracing the paradoxical edge of Surrender is a fine dance. It is one driven by sensation, feeling and inner knowing. (Great article on Surrender)

When we come home to Being completely present in a Surrender space, the world opens up…

When we explore Surrender from the place of “freeing” versus “giving up”, “trusting” versus “controlling”, “believing” versus “doubting”, we open ourselves to an expansiveness that allows life to unfold. We stop our battle to embrace and relax back into the joy of knowing that we are okay, that life is working out, that we are enough.

Let’s explore a simple example:

Every day when you commute to work the traffic is just crazy. Most mornings you find yourself getting agitated, impatient with those around you, frustrated and stressed about getting to work on time. By Choosing to live in this Reactionary state you begin each day in a stressed unhappy space.

There is so much Freedom in the grace of Surrender…

What if, you allowed yourself to breathe deeply with trust, relaxing into Surrender. Choosing instead to believe and know that it will all work out. Remembering that arriving safely is most important. Knowing from life experience that it is not the end of the world if you are a few minutes late. Recognizing that being stressed does not change the situation and starting the day this way sets a negative tone.

  • Surrender in this situation begins by Noticing (NBC explained) your reffed up reaction.
  • Stop, to take in a deep breath, hold it for a few seconds.
  • Then slowly exhale, choosing to shift into what you want to feel.
  • As you continue to take a few more breaths – release the stress, come into the present moment and Surrender to what is.
  • Now you get to Choose what you want to feel, focusing on thoughts that bring you joy.
Children naturally Surrender, until they are taught to control everything…

The above example is a very small situation. Think about the powerful potential Surrender can have on other life experiences. To begin to explore Surrender more deeply, download the worksheet from this weeks Vlog.

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