Surrendered Grace – The Beingness Project Week 7 Vlog

Stop Fixing – Start Being

You are Enough! You are Worthy! You are Perfect!

In Surrender we free ourselves to connect with more…

Last week reminded me of the immense delicate power of Surrender. I felt myself forcing decisions, reaching for things to become, wanting change now. What this stirred up for me was more frustration, confusion and a stressed closed off feeling full of self-judgement.

Finally in a night of tossing and turning, I allowed myself to explore what brought me the feeling of joy. As I subconsciously danced half asleep and half awake I scoured the sensation of joy and love. Turning towards that which intensified the feeling and noticing that which felt contrived or forced. Then all at once everything opened up, I felt free and peaceful – it arrived with a sweet rush when I Surrendered with trusting love.

Surrender expands the space for love, joy and peace…

Upon waking the next morning I chuckled at how I had allowed myself to again be impacted by outside pressures. Judging with measuring sticks that came from a Domesticated society. My journey is my own, it is unique, it unfolds perfectly with grace if I allow it the space. I had forgotten the importance of Inspired Action versus Forced Action – HUGE difference. Inspired Action goes with the flow, creating much in its wake. Forced Action pushes the stream, creating damage along the shore.

I hope you will join me this next week to explore the pure raw potential of Surrender – you may be blown away by the Grace it expands and propels in your life.

Download the Worksheet to join in the fun!! Also check out my blog “Walking Naked Truth”.

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