Transformation Expands Ever-On…

This week I have personally embraced the pure richness and depth of Transformation. Exploring and surrendering into the sensations of expansion within my own BEing.

Transformation flows from within…

The last few weeks have found me sincerely investigating how I feel about the “marketing” aspects of sharing “The Beingness Project”, for it is “a practice” that arises from within me over a lifetime of experience. I have been pondering, what am I comfortable with? What fits with me ethically? What is inline with the integrity of The Beingness Project/Practice and what is not?

Finally on Wednesday night after much reflection, journaling and meditating, I was graced with some clarity. The sweet peace, joyful knowing and surrendered loving washed over me as I woke in a meditative state in the middle of the night. A still image of me perched in silence amongst the stars in my minds dreamscape, clarified all. The sensation vibrated with an inner knowing and calm understanding.

To Be is to Be, letting go of all that inhibits the flow of your true grace…

I cannot be the Ad on your Facebook page, or promotion on your Instagram feed. I will not be the daily bombardment in your email box. I know that the way of Being offered and shared by The Beingness Project can and will Change your life. However, I also know that you will find the teaching when you are ready. The path will lead you if you allow Transformation to guide you.

Transformation arises when given the time to breathe and become...

Today my spirit, mind, and body continue to revel in the sensation of clarity I was graced to feel and experience this past week. I am grateful that I gave myself the time to feel my Emotions, reflect on Domesticated teachings, explore the intent of Expectations and to allow the Transformation to birth itself. So often we push the river, trying to control the journey, versus letting our own inner knowing express and share.

Transformation is a blossoming that comes from within. It is an aligning with our inner Being. As we enjoy the last few days of Transformation exploration, please give yourself the gift to download the worksheet, for the daily practices will start to open you up to your own Transformation.

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