Transformation Manifests from Within – The Beingness Project, Week 6 Vlog

From within we become….

When we plant a seed in the ground, we patiently wait for it to transform, to grow and be seen above ground. As the seasons change and morph, we observe the grace of transformation. Some days the shift is subtle and barely noticeable, while other days it is profoundly extreme. As we grow from baby to adult our body, mind and spirit go through vast changes, morphing with the seasons of our life.

The metamorphosis of coming back home to the true self, often travels through a cycle of domestication, returning back to the natural grace of being…

Transformation often takes place beyond our visual field, yet we know it is occurring. We depend upon it for survival as it expresses itself in our food chain, night and day transition and cycle of life.

As humans we tend to seek and look for the magnanimous overt transformations, however, most transformation occurs gradually, moment by moment in quiet fortitude.

In the quiet stillness we birth our own transforming…

Within you lies the power to transform your life in miraculous ways. As you practice coming home to your truth by making choices in the small moments of your life, the Transformation becomes. You are gradually manifesting a new way of BEing, a Life of Choice. True Transformation arises out of simple pure loving faith and knowing that You are Enough, You are Worthy, You are Perfect.

  • Start each day with honoring all the grace in your life.
    • Wake to explore all you have to be grateful for – “you are breathing, you are safe, you have choice, you have a mind to think and use”, the list is endless.
    • If you gift yourself to start each day in Gratitude, you will be amazed by the shift in your Beingness.
    • Gratitude is an infinite loving sensation that expands endlessly.
    • Just this simple practice alone, will Transform your life.
To reach within, is to reach beyond…

I challenge you to download the worksheet below to embark on a 21 day Transformational Journey. If you love yourself enough to courageously take action, this week could be the beginning of Transforming your life by coming home to your very unique Beingness.

Downloadable Worksheet

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