The Free Joy of Beingness…

Do you feel free?

Do you dance with joy?

Do you feel vibrantly alive?

Do you love your life?

Do you sometimes overflow with gushing gratitude?

How many of the above questions did you answer YES to? Did you respond with, “I will be free, full of joy, loving life and vibrantly alive when I have … or I’m making ??? money, or when I get …???”

If you did not answer YES to any of the questions – WHY not???

If you did respond to the questions with “I will Be when I ….” – why would you want to wait? Why would you give things such power?

In the surrender grace of BEING, we discover that we are already Enough, Worthy and Perfect…

Being in a space of joy, love, gratitude and vibrantly alive does not require “stuff” or “people outside of you”, it requires your presence and celebration of YOU. It requires releasing, surrendering, celebrating, noticing, honoring, respecting, and trusting that all is becoming as you desire and dream.

It requires you loving who you are, right here, right now!

It requires truly believing and living from a space of “I am Enough, I am Worthy, I am Perfect!!

Sit still to experience the pure grace of you.., for within that lies the vibration of your Beingness…
  • Are you confused and wondering how?
    • Let’s start with the simple step of writing down the “stories” you constantly tell others.
    • Then ask yourself, does this story serve me?
    • Do I want to hang onto it, or let it go?

We will explore the next step tomorrow. Give yourself the gift today to “Stop Fixing – Start BEING!!

If you want to explore this truth more go to – My other blog

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