WTF is “Beingness”

How have I come to such a terminology? Why do I bother to share?

I write to you in hopes of sharing and re-awakening your innate infinite truth of “Beingness”, for it graces all moments with peace and love.

Stand still in the truth that all is and then BE…

Life has gifted me with so many opportunities to test this truth:

  • Tasting the edge of homelessness.
  • Losing job, home and car.
  • Having every penny garnished by a credit card company (this money was for food and rent, for my two children and self).
  • Juggling a business and two jobs.
  • Attending college full time at 44, with two young children (single mom), no car and a job.
Life sometimes piles up to remind us of the foundational peace and love within….

I could list more, however, I prefer to share how grateful I am for these life experiences. They taught me how to center within myself, to love who I am in the challenges, to never give up, to remember and intimately know what is most important and above ALL else, to know and come home to the expansive space of BEING.

I come to this page with an invitation. When you have had enough chasing, fighting, exhaustion, and hopelessness – join me for the journey back home to your inner truth. It will take focus, for all you have been taught gets to be put into a new perspective.

Please gift yourself with the meditation below (my apologies for the sound quality – still learning).

Breathe deeply into the infinite grace…
How do you want to live, in Reactionary discontent, or centered Beingness??? Your Choice!

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