Can You Just BE??? The Beingness Project – Week 5 Vlog

A common question I get is “What is BEINGNESS?

What would your life be like if you chose to “BE”?

In the short definition of “Being” there is great depth to explore and yet immense simplicity.

be·ing /ˈbēiNG/ noun

  1. existence.
    • synonyms: existence, living, life, animateness, aliveness, reality, actuality, essential nature, lifeblood, vital force
  2. the nature or essence of a person.
    • synonyms: soul, spirit, nature, essence, entity, inner being, inner self verb 1. present participle of be.
In between the inhale and exhale one can find the suspended space of BEING…

Over the course of my thirty year interpersonal study and exploration I have continued to come back to the powerful simple space that ALL any of us has to do is BE. No matter how many classes I have taken, jobs I have worked, certifications and degrees accomplished, relationships experienced, there is a common aspect in them ALL, ME. Yes, my life experiences have impact, share lessons, expand knowing, and open up new understanding – HOWEVER, if I grace myself to Stop, Breathe, and Feel into the moment – at the center of it All – I just AM. (See definition 1 above)

In this space there is No-Thing I need to fix! No-Thing I need to be! No-One I need to please, change, or control. No-Thing I must accomplish, conquer, tackle! There is purely a sweet infinite vastness of vibrational stillness that holds the essence of my BEING. (See definition 2 above)

Beingness is the paradoxical space of infinite surrendered becoming…

This glorious space is something WE ALL have in common. It is Always there to Be in, to Surrender into and to Allow with consenting grace. It centers us back into a more truthful, relaxed, authentic way of Being.

I do not care how many books you read, how many classes you take, what powerful position you have in your career, how many races you have won, how much money you have or things you own – At the core of our existence and essence we are all vibrating energy – We are all “Being”. (There is a plethora of information about our human energy body, here is just one article –

In the infinity of all that is, we are merely here to BE in our unique journey…

This week I sincerely invite you to join me on a journey home to your “Beingness” state. Each day I will grace you with a guided meditation to quiet and open the space. Down load the worksheet below to give yourself more opportunity to notice and make choices.

I conclude by very strongly stating – In your authentic Beingness State, You are ENOUGH, You are WORTHY, You are PERFECT! So let’s ALL Stop Fixing and Start BEING from that pure space within. Giving ourselves the true gift to love who we are and thus to love others for who they are in their own unique Beingness state. I truly can say with heartfelt sincerity, it is the most freeing, vibrant, expansive, joyful, loving space you will ever know….

Download Worksheet

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