The Birth of Expectations…

Where do many of our Expectations come from?

When I take the time to explore and feel into my Expectations I discover that many started to formulate early in life. What’s “good or bad”, “right or wrong”, what I should do to succeed, what I should want, desire, DO, etc…

The glorious thing that investigating our Expectations can give us is the key to understanding ourselves and the way we interact with others. It truly is an integral aspect of our BEING; the fabric which holds together our interpretation of life.

As we peer within ourselves to truly hear, we introduce ourselves to OUR personal desires…

Let’s play this out with a simple example –

I was raised in a Methodist family, traditional in family framework – mom and dad married, working on their careers, planning and dreaming of a home, car, and….

As I grew up I heard and was told how I should behave, how I should present myself in public and what was Expected of me as I crossed certain time lines in my life. Thus, when I graduated from High School it was Expected that I should attend college, pursue a career and move along the timeline of success.

What’s your road to success? Or perhaps it would be wise to first define Success for YOU…

In my wandering heart, I wanted to put on my backpack to travel the world – photographing and writing about everything I witnessed and experienced. I dreamed of BEING that National Geographic writer/photographer.

What might we discover if we become aware of Expectations? The wisdom to then make personal Choices?

My dreams and desires clashed head on with the Expectations of my Domesticated life (see Vlog #2). My family, society and culture predisposed me to set my course for college. I went to college. In the reflection of my rearview mirror, I wish I had followed my dreams; tuning out the voices that said, “Writers don’t make a good living. That is a pipe dream that costs money. If you do not go to college now, it is likely you never will….”

All of life’s grand experiences grace us with more… Here I stand with my two amazing children, who supported me with such love.

In this example, I allowed the Expectations outside myself to influence my internal calling. I battled this “college” game for twenty-eight years, attending four different universities to finally complete my Bachelors degree. I presently do not use this degree, however, the debt of it still looms. It is amusing, for I have come full circle to arrive back on the page to write, my first true love. I do not regret my journey, for it graced me with so many life lessons, exposed me to more learning and connected me to amazing people along the way. It also gifted me to see myself more clearly and to CHOOSE ME.

What Expectations have you unknowingly said yes to? When you look back on them today, what do you wish you had chosen? How might this reflection impact Choices for today?

In truly knowing ourselves we can make Choices that serve our truthful Being…

Tomorrow we shall explore the truly simplistic Expectations that create a ripple effect in your daily interactions. I invite you to explore deeper at – The Walking Naked Truth.

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