Expectational Freedom…

What would happen today if you not only identified your Expectations, but you also shared them? What might unfold if you stopped assuming people knew what you wanted?

Communication changes everything….

I find it so amusing how people wander around thinking and believing that others can read their mind. Expecting people who are personally close to them to know what and how they want something. In our egocentrism we assume everyone else thinks, feels, and wants the same.

“Everyone wants to get married, have a home, drive a car and work for years in a profession to then retire, right? The definition of success is the same for you and I, correct? Our children will grow up to want children, just like we did, right?”

How we are raised and taught foundation-ally establishes many of our unspoken Expectations.

“You totally understand that I need my quiet time in the morning, without me communicating that, right? When I go on a date, you know that I was culturally brought up to Expect the man to pay, right? You do understand that I Expect you to tell me when something is wrong, for I will not ask, its just not something I’m comfortable with.”

I could go on and on and on with examples. Quiet and overt Expectations riddle our life. Especially in our closest and most intimate relationships. We Expect people who “know” and love us to perceive and identify what we want.

When we are first getting to know someone, we often assume they will figure out what we Expect.

To Free ourselves and others is to communicate our Expectations in an open, loving, unconditional way. In asking another for clarification with regard to their Expectations, we Free them as well. To Assume, we burden all… Can you Free yourself and others today? Share with us your Ah-Ha moments with Expectations.

2 thoughts on “Expectational Freedom…

  1. heathercaveney June 8, 2019 — 12:09 pm

    Recently a friend and I were talking about how when we have expectations (about an event, or for a person, or results of an interaction, etc) then disappointment can be a result. Perhaps far too often. She and I also agreed that when we don’t impose expectations, then the results or events that come our way CAN offer up a lovely surprise.

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    1. Yes, it is funny how “Expectations” can pre-build into an upcoming experience the “way it should BE” instead of being present for its natural unfolding. It’s like taking a walk deciding that we are only going to see certain things along the way, instead of being open to glorious unexpected delights. Our expectations can become blinders to pure potential and the unexpected.


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