Freedom to BE…

Stop! Breathe… BE. Just for a moment, stop chasing, stop doing, BE. What would it feel like for you to give yourself permission to just BE. Letting go of all personal Expectation, releasing all “to do”, allowing yourself to experience the next minute free of all busy-ness.

Free yourself to BE, for from that place magnificence blossoms…

How might your day change and unfold if once an hour you gave yourself this gift – just Being for 1-5 minutes? What might start to arise from within you? Perhaps a sense of peace? A gentle relaxing? An acceptance that you are perfect right here, right now? Maybe the first day you try such a “radical” journey you will become keenly aware of how much your mind chatter rules the waking moments.

It has been my experience that as you practice such a simple sweet gift, it will expand. You will find yourself craving those recharge moments. You will notice that the mind chatter and judgment slow down and start to go away. You will begin to allow yourself to relax more genuinely into your BEINGNESS.

Within the quiet still moments, your true essence holds court…

As you expand this practice you will begin to giggle at the random ideas and thoughts that bubble up. The connections with others that surprise you. You are clearing space and giving time for more to come in. Let it flow freely without fear or judgment.

Isn’t today a good day to give yourself the grace and freedom to BE? Aren’t you tired of the push – pull and chaotic busy-ness? Let go of your self imposed Expectations and choose to not let in outside Expectations that do not align with who YOU are (for more on this, check out – Walking Naked Truth).

In letting go of expectations, you open the space for your desires to blossom..

Enjoy this day of BEING…

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