Fear.., A Crippling Emotion!

As we wind down this week’s exploration on emotions, it would not be fair to leave out the most dynamic crippling one – Fear!!

When we focus on the light, we see light. When we focus on the dark, it expands.
When we focus on Fear it takes over.

Let’s begin by playing with some questions:

  • You are 90 years old looking back across the tapestry of your life, what do you regret not doing, saying? Why did you not go for it? What stood in your way?
  • As you look back over the last five years, what are some things you wish you had said? Done? Why did you not say or do them?
  • As a parent what do you role model about life to your children? Do you role model living life to the fullest or accept limitation? What keeps you from role modeling a life full of passion and zest?
  • If you have grandparents still alive, or know a wise elderly person, ask them – “What do you wish you had done differently? What do you regret?

I have no doubt you will discover the common theme of fear.

When we allow fear to rule, we sink into a pool of regret…

In this present moment you have today and it is likely you have tomorrow. However there are no guarantees on the longevity of life. No certainty that life will stay as you know it. When you look in your review mirror, what do you want to see and feel about your life?

From my experience, fear is in the mind. We learn it in our Domestication process, hear it from others, imagine it and make it larger than life. If you Choose to feel your fear, turn to face it and step anyway, you will gift yourself beyond what you can imagine. Like turning on the light in a dark room where we thought the boogie man lived, we are greeted by the truth that it was all in our mind.

To reach for our dreams, is to feel the fear and step anyway…

You are enough, you are worthy, you are perfect – Face your fears to live a dynamic passionate life…

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