Welcoming The Emotional No-Thing…

After an intense busy week of juggling the business, working the j-o-b full time, cooking, cleaning and grabbing sweet moments with my teenage daughter, I find myself in the space of surrendered “No-Thingness” or “Nothing-ness”. I can feel the edge of that which is becoming, it is teasing me on the periphery of my Beingness.

Looking into our inner self, we awaken and allow our truth to emerge…

This emotional sensation is one that I find most people avoid. Just today I was chatting with my wise son about this experience. He was telling me how it is not a “bad” or “unwelcome” feeling, it just is. I completely agreed with him, sharing that often when I allow myself to BE in the unidentifiable space, I come out of it with a new understanding, a deeper sense of peace, and a confident knowing that all is PERFECTLY unfolding.

As humans we like to identify and label everything, for then we think we can control it. It has been my experience that we miss out on some of the most profound nuances, lessons, and pure graces when we confine them to a prescribed definition.

In the space of No-Thing, we open ourselves to Every-Thing…
  • What if today you allowed your emotions to gurgle freely?
  • What if you chose to own your feelings, no blame or shame?
  • How would you internally feel if you stopped forcing yourself to be “good”, “fine” “happy”???
  • What might become for you in embracing the unknown feelings that present themselves?

Download the worksheet from Vlog #3 – “Being in Our Emotions” to explore more deeply the emotions that guide your life. As we honor and respect our emotions, we stop living a Reactionary Life to live a Life of Choice. For more about my life journey and other writings, go to Walking Naked Truth.

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