Try This Today…

I challenge you, just for a day, try this out – BE in your emotions! Don’t ignore! Don’t Stuff! Don’t deny! BE in them with truth, love, honor, respect, and faith.

What might happen if you grace yourself with this gift? Are you afraid? Why? Who taught you to be afraid of what you feel? Awaken your power to own and BE YOU!

Freedom lies within…
  • When an emotion circulates (hint, they are always circulating ;-)), BE with it.
  • Enjoy all that it is sharing, expressing and exposing.
  • As it swirls into your spirit, mind and body, CHOOSE how you want it to flow (Yes, you are at choice.)

A word of caution to you, you might discover that living a life of truth with your emotions is FUN, POWERFUL, CREATIVE, EXPRESSIVE, and so much more!!

What can become, already lies within…

I can’t wait to hear about your experience! Please share in the comments or on the Facebook page.

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