A Tool for All Moments…

The most powerful tool and life giving force we have to change any moment is our breath.

Do you find your breath comes in short shallow bursts when you are upset, frustrated or angry? Are you aware of how tight your body gets when this happens?

How does your breathing feel when you are calm, relaxed, at peace? Can you notice a difference in how deeply it goes, or how slow or fast it is?

What about when you are excited? In a passionate moment with a lover?

Today I invite you to become aware of this life giving gift, for it can impact and change every moment. If you stop, take a deep slow breath when you are upset, it will surprise you how it will shift the internal experience.

Explore how magnificently breathing into a feeling of joy, love, peace and gratitude can expand it into an infinite space.

Give yourself the opportunity today to learn how empowering owning your breath can be in helping you to dance with your emotions versus reacting to your emotions. Listen to this short recording to be guided in the process.

Awakening the power of your breathing to change your life…

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