Don’t Be So Emotional…

Have you ever heard the above statement? What about, “Get over it!”, or “Why are you so upset?”, or “It’s not such a big deal!”.

What do you feel when someone says these things to you?

How often have you put on the happy face to make others happy, to pretend, to deny what you are really feeling?

We are emotional. We are human beings, blessed with the ability to have diverse emotions. How exciting is that?!

Without sorrow, we cannot begin to understand nor enjoy the jubilation of joy. Without anger, we are denied the deep sensational grace of peace. Just as dark allows us to experience the profoundness of light, our emotions gift us with the rich fullness to know and experience the grandeur of life.

In leaning into our emotions, we begin to know our true self. As we love ALL that we are, we begin to open more fully into life.

One of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves and others is a safe place to BE in our emotions. Listening without judgement to others as they trust you with their feelings/emotions. Being heard with loving openness, so we flow through the emotion, instead of holding it inside, or denying its existence.

Today honor yourself by feeling your emotions. Honor another by listening to their emotions. You will be amazed by how impacting it is to hear and be heard.

(If you have not yet downloaded the worksheet for this week, it can be found on yesterday’s post.)

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