The Beingness Project Vlog #3

Stop Fixing – Start BEING

You are ENOUGH! You are WORTHY! You are PERFECT!

Being In Your Emotions…

It has been my experience over the years as I work with clients, colleagues, students, etc.., that as a general rule, we have been taught (domesticated) to stuff or deny our emotions, unless they are “positive”. Why? Why is is not okay for us to be sad? To be frustrated, angry, hurt, lonely, depressed, etc..?

As a human being we are graced with the wonderful experience to feel a plethora of emotions. Why do we deny this glorious experience, or try to shut it down? Part of our domestication process seems to be telling us when and where we can share our emotions. Do not dance down the sidewalk to express your joyful excitement! Do not sing out load in public! Do not shed a tear where anyone can see you! Do not express your frustration, sadness, anger, joy, love, excitement, or any other emotion in any way except that which is societally and culturally acceptable. 

Have you ever noticed how we love to hear a baby laugh out loud. Then as they grow we teach them to temper that behavior. How about the pure ecstatic wiggling joy your dog/pet expresses when you get home. While we would absolutely LOVE it if our spouse, family and or friends reacted that way to our presence, we shut it down by our own discomfort and properness. 

“Go to your room until you can be happy and nice…”, “Don’t talk to me that way…”, “Don’t yell at your sister like that…” Don’t pout and complain…”, I can go on and on with examples of how we shut people down and make them feel bad for their emotions. What if we stopped shutting people down and instead learned to truly listen with complete presence? What if we were taught from childhood how to BE in what we felt, encouraged to feel and express,? What if you were allowed to feel your emotions, to express them without fear of judgment? How would the world we live in change, if we allowed humans to BE themselves in all their moments?

Yes, anger could create harm. However, if that angry person felt heard, understood, and free to share, the anger might not rise to volcanic proportions. Sadness might sink deeper and more serious you say, yes, it could, yet, if a person feels heard, safe, and loved in their emotional sadness, they might then shift. 

Time and time again I have witnessed in my clients and my own personal self that stuffed and denied emotions can lead to health issues. Stomach ulcers, high blood pressure, headaches, nausea, aching back, etc… 

This week, let’s give ourselves the gift to feel. To hear our true emotions, allow them to be, so we might understand what creates them. Once we begin to feel, listen, and understand our emotions, we can then CHOOSE how we want to express, share, and BE. Emotions are an amazing part of BEING human! 

Embracing all of your emotions…

Download the worksheet to begin the journey with your emotions :-)!! Click here to download.

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