The Beingness Project Vlog #1

Stop Fixing – Start BEING

You are ENOUGH! You are WORTHY! You are PERFECT!

A Reactionary Life versus A Life of Choice…

This Vlog journey is about loving who you are right here, right NOW. Daily we are bombarded by messages that tell us we are not enough. Images, videos, books, podcasts, news, television shows, the list is endless and never ending. What if you are already perfect? What if you are already enough? What if you are worthy? What if???

I invite you on a journey to start BEING! You are not broken. You are not unhealed. You do not need fixing. When you entered this world you came in wonderfully open, present, loving, curious and completely self loving and full of acceptance for yourself and others. 

This innocent loving way of BEING was immediately impacted by the world it entered. From our very first breath to our last breath we are at CHOICE to react to the world around us (I know as babies and children it does not feel like we are at choice – however, watch two children in the same experience; notice how differently they “react”).  At first it is so simple, for our needs and desires are pure and basic – touch, food, sleep, love…. Then as we grow it gets more challenging. What’s “right and wrong” is unique to where we are born, who our parents are, what culturally surrounds us, the expectations of society, the list of outside expectations is endless. 

We all know this, definitely not earth shaking information, however, have you ever stopped to notice how often you REACT versus CHOOSE how you want to feel. Have you ever taken the time to become aware of the simple truth that YOU hold the key to how you feel in all given moments? What do YOU want to feel, experience and do within a twenty four hour period? A week? Month? Year? 

Let’s start this miraculous journey right here:

  • Start your BEINGNESS adventure by downloading the attached worksheet to notice and document how many times you REACT versus CHOOSE.
  • Watch the video for examples, for we are so programmed to REACT, that we are not even aware of how often we are not CHOOSING what we want to feel and experience. 
  • I encourage you to purchase a journal for this exploration. A place to freely express your ah-ha moments, fears, frustrations, joys, experiences, etc… (we will talk more about a journal later 🙂 ).

I can’t wait to share time with you again next week  – until then may your life be full of CHOSEN BEINGNESS that is uniquely YOU. 

In Humble Loving Gratitude,  Fawn – Your Beingness Guide

Downloadable worksheet 🙂

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