You are ENOUGH! You are WORTHY! You are Perfect!

be·ing /ˈbēiNG/ noun 1. existence. synonyms: existence, living, life, animateness, aliveness, reality, actuality, essential nature, lifeblood, vital force 2. the nature or essence of a person. synonyms: soul, spirit, nature, essence, entity, inner being, inner self verb 1. present participle of be.

Come Home to YOU!

Join me to peel off the masks of societal and cultural dogma, to remember and awaken the inner truth of YOU. From the moment we enter this world, we are “taught” what to DO and how we should DO it. We are told what is “right/wrong”, “good/bad”, the expectations of how we “should” live our life are flung at us from every direction.

Within each and every one of us lies a space of BEingness, it is a space of peace, love, joy and contented presence. It is always accessible to free you from the daily Reactionary Life…

Within us lies a unique truth, one that aches to shine, to explore, to share and to BE. I personally invite you to join me in the exploration and uncovering of the true self – let’s take a deep breath together to welcome home our authentic BEINGNESS!

BEingness allows us to “freeze frame” the moment, so we may then choose how we want to feel and BE...

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